Boat dumps which I make are made in 2 sizes.

The large dumps are built at a height that is suitable for cradling boats ranging from Single Scull/Single Waka Ama up to Rowing 8's / 6 man Waka Ama. At this dump height it allows you to work on the boat at an workable height.

The small dumps are able to be used as a dump for Single Scull/ Waka Ama, or as a seat when at race meets. This dump also allows you to keep your boat rudder off the ground when not in the water. 


Small boat dump $140 incl GST (EACH)             

Large boat dump $180 incl GST (EACH)             

Waka Ama car carrying racks are made from Stainless Steel and are mounted onto of your vehicle by bolts which are secured to cross racks (not supplied).

The boat is cradled in the roof rack by hand-made slings which are removable when not in use, and only takes a minute to put back on if needed.

                             Price $ 180 incl GST

Dinghy trolleys are made to get the boat shed/garage to waters edge (not for use on the road).

These trailers are made from Stainless Steel and includes         bearing free wheels to reduce rusting and seizing of bearing.   

Price $640 incl GST (Narrow wheels)                

Price $740 incl GST (Wide wheel)                  

Boat dolly to carry / wheel your Waka Ama to the waters edge with ease. They are made from Stainless Steel and have carpet to rest the boat on to reduce the risk of scratches occurring on the hull. The wheels are bearing free, so no need to worry about bearings seizing up with the salt water.

The dolly is designed to carry the largest of Waka Ama around with ease.

Price $640 incl GST (Narrow wheels)

Price:$740 incl GST (Wide wheels)

Boat repairs can be done by using fiber-glass. Please call regarding the damage to your boat as pricing depends on the complexity of the damage. I am more than happy to consult the best course of action regarding your damage.

Price dependent on size of repair.                        

Wooden ladder for loading boats onto racks above your head in a safe and stable manner.

The ladder is approximately 1m tall.

                               Price $300 incl GST

Bottom level boat slider is designed to make moving boats that are on the floor out with minimal effort.  

                                Price $140 incl GST (Each)

Waka Ama paddle repairs and strengthening.

Strengthening edges of paddles to reduce the risk of damaging when you accidentally hit rocks or obstacles is achieved by adding a strips of carbon which are glued to the edge.

Repair of paddle shaft by placing strips of fibre-glass which are glued into a trench that will increase the strength afterwards.

Resizing of paddles. When you purchase a new paddle and need to have them resized to fit your individual needs, this can be done by myself also for you

Prices:     Carbon Edging $20 incl GST                         

 Shaft repair from $40 incl GST                      

Paddle shortening $20 incl GST                     

Paddle lengthen from $35 incl GST